Достъп само за абонати

Достъп до пълното съдържание на статиите в сайта на списанията ни МД, Доктор Д и Кардио Д имат само абонати.

Информация за начините за абониране можете да намерите на нашата страница за абонамент

Сайтът spisaniemd.bg е най-голямата специализирана информационна база данни в областта на медицината на български език, с над 8000 статии във всички области на медицината и за повечето заболявания.

MD magazine

Protos Agency is the leading Bulgarian specialised medical publisher with four magazines: MD, Cardio D, Doctor D, Club D.

MD magazine covers the new scientific developments in all fields of medicine in Bulgarian language. This unique medical digest with a focus on clinical practice is published since 2004 by Protos Agency six times per year (every two months). It has circulation of 10,000 copies out of which some 2,800 are paid subscribers!

MD is also distributed during conferences, congresses and other events for medical professionals. Each copy of the magazine is red on average by three people.

MD readers are medical doctors from all fields and its content covers all medical specialties. The highest percentages of readers are internists (among them mostly cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and pulmonologists). Other large groups are pediatricians, GPs, surgeons and gynecologists.

All our magazines are red not only by our subscribers but also by their colleagues and members of their families who are also medical doctors, as well as by medical students.

One page colour add in the magazine costs 650 euro

Protos Agency published two more specialized medical journals – Doctor D and Cardio D.

Doctor D is a specialized magazine in the field of diabetology and metabolic cardiology. It’s published since 1998 four times per year (quarterly) – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). The magazine has 2,700 Bulgarian doctors as subscribers.

Each copy is read on average by four people (figure based on our latest opinion poll). Separately we distribute additional 500 copies of each issue during conferences, congresses and other events.

Subscribers for Doctor D are all Bulgarian endocrinologists and pediatricians specialized in diabetes (a total of 300 people), some 490 internists, 600 GPs, cardiologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, nephrologists…

One page colour add in the magazine costs 350 euro

Cardio D is a specialized magazine in the field of cardiology. It is published since 2004 four times per year (quarterly) – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and distributed free of charge to 2,500 medical doctors who are regular subscribers. Additionally over 1,000 copies of each issue are distributed during conferences, congresses and other events. Each copy of the magazine is red on average by five people.

Subscription audience of Cardio D includes over 900 cardiologists, 600 internists, more than 300 GPs, endocrinologists and other specialists.

One page colour add in the magazine costs 350 euro

The website of the magazines has almost 3,000 unique daily visitors during the working days and some 2,000 – during the weekends. It also hosts the largest on-line database of medical information in Bulgarian language with some 7,000 articles. All issues of all four magazines since year 2000 are available also as PDF files!

Protos Agency published also a journal for the patients. Club D is a newspaper for the people with diabetes in Bulgaria, their families, friends and relatives. It’s published since 1991 four times per year (every three months). It has over 2,000 paying subscribers. Separately we distribute free of charge 5,500 copies of the newspaper to more than 300 hospitals and clinics as well as to all local branches of Bulgarian diabetes association (BDA).

Half a page colour add in the newspaper costs 300 euro

Protos Agency is an advertising and PR agency with almost 20 years history, specialized in design and production of advertising materials. It is also a publisher of four medical journals and other magazines, catalogues and printed materials. Protos has its own production facilities and a large number of manufacturing subcontractors and partners.

Among Protos’ long term clients and partners were global firms like Sony, Thomson Reuters, News Corporation as well as a number of large Bulgarian firms.

For contacts:

Ms. Maria Shumarova

E-mail: office@protos.bg
Telephone/fax: +359 2 822 04 18

Postal address:
Protos Agency
60, Osogovo Str.
Sofia 1303

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